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diy holiday ideas

5 Dec

there’s something about the holidays that makes my diy/crafty personality go insane. maybe it’s the extra days off, or the excitement of christmas trees….but, no matter the reason…diy christmases are for sure the absolute best. due to my other blog following and personal scrounging here are some worthwhile diy projects for december.

-homemade wreaths:

tutorial via

tutorial via


– homemade edible gifts:

20 recipes for homemade edible gifting thanks to


– easy as 1-2-3 photography gifts:

calendars made with your own pictures & own words. ADORABLE! via

photo albums via

and my favorite photo snowglobes!!!!! via


-homemade ornaments:

homemade ornaments via


lalala decorate.

8 Oct

today’s post is a smorgasbord of affordable decorating tips that i have found to be of the utmost help to me in my apartment decorating endeavors.

craigslist/yard sales. i know this sounds a bit redundant and ridiculous, but if you search long enough you can find a valuable piece of furniture for an invaluable price. for instance, we needed a hutch for our new kitchen. we received so many amazing things as wedding presents, that our kitchen was stocked full with appliances with not one drawer left for food items.

i got this adorable find for $50 from a lady in avondale whose home had outgrown it and then proudly adorned it with my various anthropology plates and bowls. so cheap and cute!

second, we needed a rug. i had scoured target, world market and all the usual places with no luck whatsoever. a target rug for $300…pshhh. redonkulous. one day when i was out shopping, i came across the most adorably cozy rug at urban outfitters….with an adorable price tag of $70:

though this rug is not currently on sale online, there is a plethora of other glorious rugs available on the website. my personal favorite is the 3×5 crochet top rugs!

i tend to stalk sales…and sometimes this helps me, and sometimes this makes me look completely retarded. in this case, it realllly helped me. i had been stalking the anthropology in nyc for quite some time, when i came across this little gem in the sale section. there was no price tag, and to this day i believe it was a miracle because i somehow walked out with a $350 duvet for $45. yesssssuhhh.

as far as wall decorations, i made all of the art pieces showcased except for the two african paintings in the bedroom, which i purchased in Nairobi for a steeping $10 in 2007.

finally, the couch! the one place i love the most in the whole wide world. cody and i knew we needed a good couch. a good slipcover was about $200 which we felt like would be wasted money, and although i am far from a clean freak the idea of laying on a used couch produced within me a gag reflex, so i went out to find a couch for $500 or less. there are many good options for couches that are cheap and nice! we found our lovely sofa on sale for $450 at io metro. though ikea, pier 1 and world market also offer couches for the same amount, i am partial to mine.

for further decorating for cheap: etsy has a remarkably wonderful collection of affordable decorating items that you can’t seem to find anywhere else. i love their knobs! bc anthropology’s are totally outrageous and etsy’s are far more affordable and just as cute. and the blog design sponge gives me about a thousand ideas every single day.

love to all!