chelsea lauren norton.

chelsea firmly believes in the weekly necessity of brunch.  she is fond of satires, wedges (preferably, jeffrey campbell), cities, lipstick (preferably, chanel rouge) and coffee. she often contemplates if she could sustain herself on an indulgent diet based solely of red velvet cupcakes, should health conciousness cease to exist.

chelsea was married on september 26, 2010 to a jane-austen type of man. well, minus the horse and british accent. she considers herself very lucky to permanently have the love of the type of dude romantics have drooled over for centuries.

though chelsea’s married life has just began, she has already found herself provoked by the fun side of domesticity, yet stifled by the typical “monotony” of the everyday housewife. determined to live up to every adjective associated with her new title of “wife” and then, of course, to add some, she has created a blog to document her endeavors to put the artsy in a domestic life that is typically far from unique.

happy reading. but most importantly, happy living.


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