16 Nov

in honor of the ever approaching gift-giving phenomenon us Christians call Christmas but us shopaholics call the best day evaaaa!!!!!! (notice the explanation marks), i am going to make a series of wishlists based on different people & themes, as well as share the ones i have already personally mass-mailed to everyone in my address book.

this will be coming in the near future. and in near future i mean tomorrow. and tomorrow’s theme will be Mad Men. because i am obsessed and realized today what a strange hold it has taken on my style. when walking into stores today, did i glance at the skinny jeans or over-sized backless tees? (although the backless tees alternative apparel is promoting are truly phenomenal. if you’re single, put one of those bad boys on & you will be married in approximately three glances). NO! i did not glance at such childish things. however i did become filled with the utmost amount of desire after spotting a fur-trimmed jacket & a yellow tweed pencil skirt. with that outfit & my chanel rouge…you may now pronounce me january jones.

so check back in the pm tomorrow, if your in the mood to ruin your credit, empty your bank account & scour your savings. and yes…i am always in that mood, which is why i do not own a credit card (praise you dave ramsey) and why i also put my bills in a seperate bank account that my atm card is not allowed to withdraw from. i am a genius at preventing myself from ultimate destruction.




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