three duo’s that should be on your record player.

24 Oct

not that these bands produce actual vinyl, but every time i turn them on in my car, i think “i would love to play this on my record player!”. so here are three new duo’s. you may have heard of them. you may have never known they existed.

but whether you spend your saturday afternoons in the park, kitchen or nearest shopping complex….these tunes will make you wish you were dancing in your living room wearing patterned tights and ankle boots. it’s true.

1. the civil wars:

i saw these guys live last thursday evening and have spent each and every day since blasting their EP in my car and pretending like i am the totally perfect joy williams giggling and talking about trees in front of a gawking audience. perfect tunes for your saturday afternoon in the park with a wedge of brie & classic british literature.

2. the parlour suite:

almost classic, yet totally retro. music that makes the most dreary of days worth hula-hooping. happily paired with ben & jerry’s “imagine whirled peace” and some sunshine.

3. the honey trees:

much much more mellow. perfect music for a rainy day & a cup of tea & a paintbrush in hand.


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